Friuli Pinot Grigio

2022 Italy
Certified Sustainable
When it comes to Pinot Grigio, those that come from Friuli, a region located in Northeast Italy, go well beyond the simple, fruity expressions that you may first think of. Benvolio's Pinot Grigio is just that. This dry, crisp, and full-bodied white wine creates visions of summering on the Adriatic Sea thanks to the wildflowers and rose water on the nose and zesty flavors of ripe apple and pear.
This dry, crisp, and full-bodied white wine, made from 100% pinot grigio, is refreshing with balanced acidity and a clean finish. This Italian wine is a true expression of the pinot grigio wine varietal with aromas of lychee and roséwater and flavors of apple and pear.


  • Lychee Lychee
  • Rosewater Rosewater


  • Apple Apple
  • Pear Pear