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Friuli Prosecco
750 ml
Prosecco, Veneto, Italy

Who doesn't love a glass of Prosecco? Benvolio's version is sourced from the vineyards of Friuli in Northeast Italy. Filled with scents of orchard fruits, lemony citrus, and a touch of honeysuckle, this bubbly is sure to please even the most discerning of drinkers. It's light, refreshing, and crisp. Perfect for brunch or with a plate of proscuitto and melon.

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About Benvolio

Meaning "well-wisher" in Italian, Benvolio wines display true regional flavor and have a distinctive welcoming personality. They are a reflection of their unique, authentic terroir and possess outstanding food-pairing ability. The grapes grow in vineyards west of San Daniele del Friuli along the cool hillsides of the Alps and the Austrian border of Northeastern Italy. This allows for longer sun exposure and superior drainage. The cool temperature of the region contributes to the lively acidity found in these wines.

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