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Rolling Vineyards


A family business and a family passion, Jackson Family Wines is a collection of world class wine estates located in iconic wine regions in California, Oregon, France, Italy, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. We believe the care that goes into making our wines is as important as the quality of the wine itself. Our founders Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke established Jackson Family Wines with a vision to build a family wine business that would stand the test of time. This means taking the long view when it comes to investing in quality and caring for the land, our employees, and our communities.

Inspired by the long-held belief that only great vineyards produce great wines, our family-owned vineyards are in winegrowing regions cooled by coastal fog or wind to grow grapes with depth of flavor and natural balance. Our wines have their own distinct style driven by the terroir of our family-owned vineyards and the creativity of our winemakers. As our family of winegrowers has expanded over the years, we’ve stayed true to our uncompromising pursuit of quality and commitment to building an agricultural heritage for future generations.

Our multigenerational approach to crafting wines means that we farm our lands according to our values and make responsible decisions for the health of our lands and communities. We’re also working to adopt a restorative winegrowing strategy that will regenerate our shared natural resources. Looking forward, we are developing ambitious resiliency goals for 2030 and beyond that aim to redefine sustainability in agriculture, with a focus on regenerative farming practices, holistic land management, water stewardship, and social impact.